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4-Channel, 100 kS/s Simultaneously Updating Analog Output Device

Does this product also support matlab?

The other instruments show matlab support specifically on the spec list but not this one. Is this supported?
Hello Dave, Thank you for your inquiry. Currently the USB-3101FS is not supported by MATLAB and there are no plans at this time to have support added.
2 days ago
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Out-of-the-Box Virtual Instrument Suite – Professional Version

Is TracerDAQ Pro capable of displaying pressure?

My company recently purchased TracerDAQ with the hopes of using the software to record pressure tests for our equipment. After configuring the hardware using InstaCal and using TracerDAQ for logging, I noticed that the only units displayed are in Volts. Is TracerDAQ Pro capable of displaying the converted voltage in PSI, or how can I go about doing this? We currently have our transducer wired to a OM-USB-1408FS, which is then outputting to the software.

Industry:: Oil Services
Application:: Pressure test digital recording
Hello fjd0001 - Yes, TracerDAQ PRO supports linear scaling. For each strip chart channel, you can enter a multiplier and offset.
3 days ago
Customer avatar

What is the difference between this model and the 1408FS

I currently use the USB-1408FS. Is the 1408FS-Plus an updated model? All the specs look the same. Please clarify. Thank you!
Job Title:: Lead Scientist
Industry:: Biotech
Application:: Bioprocessing
Hello zsun - Thank You for your inquiry. Basically the –Plus is an updated model with some enhancements.

1) The analog outputs now output a 0-5 volt signal versus the older 0-4096 (4.096 volts) and have an update rate of 50K versus 10K.

2) The digital I/O bits can now source or sink ±24 mA per pin Port B, ±6.0 mA per pin Port A versus +- 6.0 mA for all ports.

3) Added additional software support for the –Plus model.

We have a comparison table at the below link:
6 days ago
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NI LabVIEW™ Driver for Measurement Computing Data Acquisition Products

How to capture all channel data from USB-TC

Im trying to capture the data on USB-TC for all thermocouple channels with Labview, example show single channel only,

How do i get all 8 in?
Job Title:: Design Engineer
Industry:: Oil and Gas
Application:: Measurement of cell temperature
Hello - The structure of the data array for our Tin function call is not a perfect match for what LabVIEW is looking for. The TinScan call places the data into one column, verses a row, with a column of data per channel. LabVIEW does not know how to parse this data. However, there are ways to get it to work and display multiple channels. For your convenience, I’m going to email you an example VI to help with your programming. Please check your inbox and let us know if we can help out in any other way.
1 week ago
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API Library for supported MCC DAQ Devices that support the Android™ Platform

When will I see support for other devices?

I currently have a USB-1608FS and a USB-2404-10. I need to get them to talk to the Android and graph the data. I had hoped that the new UL would support them.
Other software used:: Eclipse
Job Title:: Engineering Technician
Industry:: Government
Application:: Geophysics
The two models you listed are not conducive for support in UL for Android, and at this time, there is no support forthcoming. Instead of the USB-1608FS, please consider the USB-1608FS-PLUS, which just had Android support added (version 1.2.0)
1 week, 1 day ago
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Data Acquisition USB DAQ Device 12-Bit, 100 kS/s

What are the minimum DC amperage that can be detected?

I am interested in investigating whether the USB-201 could detect a rise in amperage from 10 pA to 100 pA DC. I'm currently using a digital multimeter with a 10 Mohm impedance load and 0.1 nA DC is the limit of detection for this device. The minimum data-logging rate for the DMM is only 1 second, so the USB-201 would be a great improvement if it will detect changes within the range 0.1 to 100 nA.
Accuracy is not a requirement, only detecting meaningful changes.
Job Title:: Biologist
Industry:: Academia
Application:: sensing the DC component generated by RF interacting with tissue
Thank you for your inquiry. The USB-201 is a voltage based DAQ device and uses a 12 bit A/D converter. The USB-201 supports a fixed +- 10 volt input range. In order to read a current signal you would have to provide some signal conditioning to convert the current to a voltage. The other important factor is that the USB-201 uses a 12 bit A/D converter and would not be capable of providing enough resolution to read a 0.1 to 100 nA signal.
1 week, 6 days ago
Customer avatar
Installation, Configuration, and Test Utility

Instacal for Windows 8.1


I have an ADC device that Instacal version 6.31 cannot find on Windows 8.1. This is only a problem in Windows 8.1. I have heard that this should be fixed in a new release of instacal.

Can you give any approximate date of release for the next version of Instacal?

Best regards,
Other software used:: C#
Job Title:: Software engineer
MCC will officially support Win 8.1 in version 6.32, which is due out very soon (mid April). A subset of our USB models (namely HID models) are adversely affected by power saving changes Microsoft made in Win 8.1, versus Win 8.0. More details can be found in an FAQ on our Knowledgebase (link below) which provides a utility so version 6.31 can be used in the mean time.
2 weeks ago
Customer avatar
24-Channel Digital I/O Board with 3 Counters

We need to Drive win 3.11 for instalation

We need references : 01 piece of CIO-DIO24/CTR3 and 01 piece of CIO-DO192H more instalation drive WIN 3.11.

Please inform price and who we can buy
Other software used:: Win 3.11
Job Title:: Eletronics industry
Industry:: Tec Motors
Application:: for eletronic insert machine
Hello Julio - Thank you for your inquiry. Both the CIO-DIO24/CTR3 and the CIO-DO192H are active Measurement Computing products. For pricing and availability in your area please contact our distributor:

LRI Automação
Rua Sergio Jungblut Dieterich, 900 - Pav. 26
Porto Alegre - RS. - Cep: 91060-410
Phone: 0800 7044 788
Fax: +55-51-2129-3017

In regards to your reference to Windows 3.1.1, Measurement Computing no longer supports this operating system however; we do have an archived version that will support Win 3.1.1 that we can give you access to.
2 weeks, 1 day ago
Customer avatar
Battery-Powered Remote Thermocouple Data Logger

Does the USB-501 have a calibration adjustment?

Job Title:: Manufacturing Technician
Industry:: Semiconductor
Application:: oven
Hello CalTech - No re-calibration is possible for the USB-500 series loggers, as there are no adjustments that can be made. They are warranted to meet published specs for 1 year.
2 weeks, 2 days ago
Customer avatar
12-Bit, 100 kS/s, 2 Analog Outputs, OEM USB Data Acquisition Board

Simultaneous AO and AI? Matlab Support?

Can you collect data while running the analog output?
Also, do you provide Matlab support?

Industry:: Science Education
Thank you for your inquiry. The USB-202-OEM is capable of concurrent A/D and D/A operation when used with our software. However, Measurement Computing does not develop the MATLAB support that you see on our web page ( MATLAB driver development is handled by the Mathworks themselves. Also the USB-202-OEM currently is not officially supported under MATLAB (we’re working with Mathworks to get support released under their Data Acquisition Toolbox in the near future). Would an alternative product similar to the USB-202 that does have MATLAB support work for your application? If so, please check out the USB-1208FS-Plus.
2 weeks, 2 days ago
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